Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Air Chathams SAAB 340s at Auckland International 20-5-2018

Outside the Air Chathams base at Auckland International on Sunday were their two airworthy SAAB 340s in a nice position for photos:

Both of the SAABs with their third one ZK-CIY2, still marked as N135GU in the background.

Their new one is ZK-CIZ2, which is ex N357GU, and has been registered to Air Chathams since 24/1/18..  

while ZK-KRA has been around since August 2015.

These aircraft have long histories - care to expand Blue Bus?

Beaver ZK-SBV.

 Now too large to fit into its hangar at Motueka is the De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver  c/n 763.
As can be seen this will soon become ZK-SBV.
 Note the two extra fuselage side windows and the wing and tail fences now fitted to this airframe.
For much more on this aircraft click HERE.
Photographs captured at Motueka on Sunday  the 20th  by Lord Nelson.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

North Shore airfield

A brief visit to North Shore airfield today revealed a couple of interesting aircraft,  firstly the Maule MXT7-180A ZK-RLT which was imported from South Africa earlier in the year.

And not often seen out and about the Tecnam P96 ZK-JGH

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Rangiora arrivals this day 17-05-2018

 Two items of interest interfered with my potato top pie scoffing at lunch time today at Rangiora.
Above is the locally based Avid Heavy Hauler UL ZK-OST (c/n 1543-E) which has been in the care of Max Earnshaw since last September.
 Earlier posts on OST can be seen Here.
 An unusual radio call sign and the sound of a couple of TIO-540's had me out of the CRAC Clubhouse pdq to capture the Ted Smith 601B Aerostar ZK-JOS (c/n 61-0361-116) as listed with Coventry Motors Ltd of Auckland.
Check this Link for an earlier post on this aircraft.


Still cluttering up the hard stand at Christchurch International Airport today was the Aerospatiale-Alenia ATR72-212A ZK-MCF2 (c/n 600).
See more on this airframe HERE

Ardmore helicopters on Monday.

A rather belated post, on my part, of two images provided by Keith Morris of his visit to Ardmore on Monday the 14th.
Below is the MBB MBB-BKK117 B-2 as seen on Monday.
It was registered as ZK-HIQ4 (c/n 7009) on Wednesday the 16th to Airwork (NZ) Ltd.
This is one of a batch of ex ADAC BK's acquired by Airwork.
 Below a photo of ZK-HIQ4 in its previous German marks of D-HBKK.

Below - also on Monday.
Over at Oceania Keith spotted these two unmarked Eurocopter AS332L Super Puma's.

Question Time # 201 resolved.

Chocolate fish all round.

We are near enough to the correct answer for the main item thanks to Anonymous.
It is a Lake LA-250 Renegade.
This example is indeed the Australian registered example currently lurking as VH-WMW at Rangiora.
It started life as N8419X and escaped to Australia to become VH-JLV from mid October of 1992. 
It was re-registered as VH-AWD in 1992 and then to VH-WMW on 10-12-1998.
 The weight is on the port side of the rudder only.
 It ferried into Kerikeri from Oz on 03-05-2018.
 We already have just the single example on the NZ register as ZK-RFH.
Seen below at Wanaka on 25-03-2016.
We have had eight of the smaller LA-4 Buccaneers on our register.
There is just the one - ZK-DNK - still currently listed.
If 'Anonymous' would like to email me his postal address I will forward the promised fish.
It will be interesting to see how many Anonymous's reply !
My email is in the blog header photo.

For Mit.
Yes that it ZK-BEE Mk1 Wild.
Although it is likely to end up bee-coming FOD.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Placed onto the ZK Register today 16-5-18

Out test flying this afternoon at Ardmore despite the showers was MBB BK117 B-2  ZK-HIQ msn 7009 which was registered to Airwork NZ Ltd today. It is ex D-HBKK 

Question time # 201 update

Well kids - we haven't had much luck with this Question Time have we !

Does this mean that I get to eat the chocky fish myself  ?

He is another clue for you to ponder.


Below is the original clue and comments.

Question time # 201

I have been chastised for the lack of a 'Question Time' since early this year.
The reason is simple - I thought it about time that Mit had a break from eating my chocolate fish.

OK !

What is this then ?

What make and model aircraft would you expect to find it on ?

A Couple of All Blacks at Ardmore 14-5-2018

When I was at Ardmore on Monday I spotted a couple of All Blacks...

They were Cessna 152 ZK-JFY and Piper Cherokee 140 ZK-DNE.  I think they must have been wingers because there was one high winger and one low winger.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Vans at Ardmore 14-5-2018

Ardmore was pretty quiet on a grey Monday afternoon, but a couple of Vans were of interest:

This was the first time I had seen RV 8 ZK-EYT2.  It has recently been purchased (on 1/5/18) by Paul Carran of Whangaparaoa and will eventually be hangared at North Shore airfield along with Paul's Tecnam Astore ZK-AST2.  That will make three RV 8s based at North Shore.

and Peter Whyte arrived in his RV 7A ZK-RVD, which was then pushed back into his hangar.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Ardmore Amphibians 14-5-2018

I wasn't really planning to go to Ardmore today but a long delay in my wife's Jetstar flight gave me 3 hours to fill in (and I had thought to take my camera).

A couple of amphibians were parked up:  Catalina ZK-PBY and Beaver ZK-WKA2.  They have been posted lots of times but I thought they made an interesting pair.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Jabiru J 160 UL ZK-NJV

This Jabiru was previously ZK-BGY2 and I have posted about its history HERE

It was purchased by Greg van Der Hulst on 2/2/18 and he re-registered the aircraft as ZK-NJV on 13/2/18.  Recently Greg returned to Whangarei for a flying visit where Rusty Russell took the photo.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

A Couple of New Bristell NG 5s

I was interested to see that a couple of new Bristell NG-5 aircraft were registered in January 2018.  These are not our first Bristell aircraft as ZK-LMR has been operated by Aero Hire at Whakatane since mid 2013.

The 2 new Bristell's were imported by local agents Anderson Aviation of Taupiri in the Waikato.  The principals of Anderson Aviation are Bill Henwood and Martin Henton, and their website is http://www.andersonaviation.com.au/about-us

ZK-NGT (c/n 307/218) is owned by C B McRae of Pokeno.

and ZK-NGZ (c/n 306/2018) is owned by Martin Henton of Taupiri.

The Bristell was designed by Milan Bristela and is manufactured by BRM Aero of the Czech Republic.  It is of all metal construction and you can see the factory video HERE  Both of the new Bristell's are registered as LSAs.

And we will see another one here as an ex-UK example, G-STLL, is at Solo Wings at Tauranga.  I also understand that a Bristell aircraft will be displayed at the NZ Field Days at Mystery Creek between 13 and 16 June.

Southern items.

Wiltshire Spotter recently toured our Country and has placed a selection of photographs on his Flicker album.
Below are just four shots from this site.
 De Havilland DHC-1A2 Chipmunk ZK-DHC2 (c/n 42) is one of sevens Canadian built example to come to NZ.  
It is also one of the five imported from India.
As VT-CVU I believe it was one of forty three delivered to the Director of Civil Aviation for use by airline pilots schools and flying clubs.
It has been with Bill Sutherland of Waikaia for some years and has undergone a major rebuild at Mandeville and wears the distinctive Canadian blown canopy.
As you can see it is marked to represent the Canadian Air Force serial 18042 (which is c/n 180-218 and still current in the States as N260DC).
It is seen above at Mandeville on 26-03-2018.
Also seen at Mandeville was the Micro Aviation Bantam B22UL ZK-NLD (c/n 08-0323).
The 'UL' refers to the UL260i four stroke, 97hp, direct drive engine.
This was first listed to Micro Aviation NZ Ltd of Hamilton on 17-10-2011.
It moved to Mandeville along with other assets of the old Micro Aviation NZ Ltd - first flew there on 02-02-203 and was registered to the new company Micro Aviation NZ 2012 Ltd of Mandeville on 17-09-2013.
See the earlier post on this aircraft Here.
 Still undergoing 'due process' at Pukaki (Twizel) is the Cessna 180K Skywagon ZK-EMK2 (c/n 18053047) as registered to Guy Norris of Brunei back on 28-04-2017.
A 1979 model that began as N2733K followed by N75C in late 1987.
By late 1997 it was with Scott Olson initially at Billings, Montana.
Its US registration was cancelled on 10-04-2017 at which time it had accrued around 10770 airframe hours.
As you can see  it still carries its old N75CD marks.
A careful look just forward of these rego marks you will note the outline of an elongated cargo door.
Just dropped into Gore - thanks to the Squirrel in the background on 26-03-2018 was the NZ Aerospace FU24-950 ZK-WLN (c/n 185) of Phoenix Aviation Ltd.
This airframe was built as ZK-DMO and registered to Air Parts (NZ) Ltd of Hamilton on 08-05-1973 and first flew on 28-10-1973.
Central Aviation Co Ltd became the first operator followed by Central Airspread Ltd in 1987 and then Central Airspread (1991) Ltd from 1992. 
Oamaru Airspread Ltd took it on in February of 1994 and then Southair Ltd in 1999 followed by Willow Air (NZ) Ltd in January of 2001.
It went back up to Hamilton for conversion to Walter M601-D-11NZ turbine power and first flew in this form on 24-10-2002.
It spent a few months with Otago Airspread in 2011 then returned to Willow Air (NZ) Ltd until it was damaged at Gore on 05-11-2012.
Ownership changed to Phoenix Aviation Ltd of Gore on 15-01-2013.

For more photographs by Wiltshire Spotter click HERE.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Nanchang ZK-FRU at North Shore 10-5-2018

It was pretty quiet at North Shore airfield when I called in on my way past yesterday.

Except for the locally based Nanchang CJ-1 ZK-FRU2 that was fuelled up and took off.

As I have mentioned previously, this aircraft has been repowered with the more powerful Russian Vedeneyev M 14P engine, replacing the Chinese Zhuzou Huosai redial. 

Alexandra fly in 19th May 2018

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Question time # 201

I have been chastised for the lack of a 'Question Time' since early this year.
The reason is simple - I thought it about time that Mit had a break from eating my chocolate fish.

OK !

What is this then ?

What make and model aircraft would you expect to find it on ?

An early NZRT pie run.

 School class is in. 
The subject is 'Introduction to Aviation for kids'.
 As carried out very successfully by Des Lines and his helpers.
The item being studied by this class is the Tiger Moth ZK-BCO at his Swannanoa strip.
See a previous mention of one the experiments that the kids get to see Here
 Two aircraft that we don't see out:  above - very often - is Doug Anderson's Ibis Magic GS-700 ZK-DUH2 (c/n GS-10-11-700-114) which first flew back in June of 2012. 
It is currently housed in this hangar whilst its usual hangar is being used for the final construction of yet another Savannah.

And below - not out at all - is the Bernie Johnston Acrolite 1C ZK-EMP2 (c/n 126). 
I don't know if it has ever flown !

 The reason for the early pie run was to catch the new ICP Savannah S ZK-SUA (c/n 16-06-54-0376) out doing engine runs after the first start up of its Rotax 912ULS yesterday (09-05-2018).
It was built over about a six month period by Andy Drain of Rangiora.
Very nice Andy.

Pauanui 10 May

A great flying day on the Coromandel brought a number of visitors to the Pauanui airfield including Cessna 206H StationAir ZK-MHL from Tauranga,  which hasnt been noted here before.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


An interesting visitor the airfield today was PAC 750 ZK-KDI which is shortly due for delivery to the Papua New Guinea Defence Force.
The only other 750 visitor that has been noted here was ZK-KDN in March 2017,  which has now been delivered to China as a parachute aircraft

Kev's new hangar at NZRT.

Parked up in Kevin Dore's new hangar at Rangiora for the first time is his Alpi Aviation Pioneer 200 Hawk ZK-KPD (c/n 249-09).

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Jodels at Dargaville 5-5-2018

As a bit of a Jodel fan, I was delighted to see two of the local D 11s turn up at Dargaville on Saturday for the lunch and the Aero Club competitions.

Jodel D 11s ZK-SUE and ZK-DJQ were both constructed in Northland, ZK-SUE by Graham Walker of Whangarei who still owns and flies his aircraft, and ZK-DJQ by Hal Roadley of Maungaturoto, but  it is now owned and flown by Brian Taylor.  Both aircraft have been around since the late 1970s!

Taxying out for the competitions

Take offs

And coming in for their spot landings.