Friday, 21 July 2017

Virgin ATR's at Nelson today.

Lord Nelson snapped these two GIE Avions De Transport Regional ATR72-212A's at Nelson today.
 Above is VH-FVH (c/n 954) which was registered to Aviation Airframe Holding Pte Ltd of Singapore on 11-08-2011 and is operated by Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd.
I believe it arrived at the ANZ Regional Maintenance facility at Nelson on 16-06-2017.
Also on site was VH-FVL (c/n 974) which was registered, as above, on 14-09-2011.
Flight Radar 24 tells me it arrived at Nelson from Brisbane on 18-07-2017 for maintenance.

Australian Arrival at Ardmore early afternoon 21-7-17

Diamond Aircraft Industries GMBH DA 62 VH-DNU msn 62.027 seen about to land at Ardmore just after 13.15 after making the short flight from Auckland International in between downpours. Yesterday the aircraft flew Bankstown-Sydney-Norfolk Island- Auckland. I believe it is the first time this model has been to New Zealand.

After arrival the aircraft went to the Ardmore Flying School ramp. It is registered to Hawker Pacific PTY Ltd, Bankstown, NSW,  Australia so perhaps here on demo ? or a sale ?

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Aeroprakt A 22 Foxbats of New Zealand (1)

The Aeroprakt Foxbat first appeared in 1996.  It was designed by Yuri Yakovlev, the founder and chief designer of Aeroprakt Ltd of Kiev in the Ukraine and it is supplied as a completely built up aircraft or as a kit that is claimed to take around 500 hours to assemble. I believe all of our Foxbats have been built up aircraft.  It has an all metal solid riveted aluminium monocoque fuselage with the wings and control surfaces being fabric covered with aluminium leading edges.  A feature of the fuselage is the extensive glazing which when coupled to the convex glazed doors gives excellent visibility.

The Foxbat has a length of 6.30 metres ( 20 feet 8 inches) and a wingspan of 10.10 metres (33 feet 2 inches) with a wing area of 147.5 square feet (which is quite a big wing).  Empty weight is around 260 Kg (573 pounds) and MAUW is 450 Kg (992 pounds) for the A 22 and 600 Kg (1 ,322 pounds) for the later A 22LS version.  Engines can be either the 80 HP Rotax 912 or the 100 HP 912ULS.and with the 100 HP engine cruise speed is around 90 knots, and the stall speed is around 30 knots.

We have had 3 Foxbat A 22's and 10 Foxbat A 22LS's in New Zealand to date:

Our first A 22 Foxbat was ZK-VAW (c/n 073) which was first registered to Sven Karmann of Whangarei on 28/4/04.  VAW stands for Vision Aero Whangarei.  It first flew at Whangarei on 26/6/04 in the hands of Willi Morton.  Willi Morton took over ownership of it on 29/10/06, and on 28/9/09 ownership transferred to A 22 Aerovision NZ Ltd of Moerewa (also Willi Morton).  It is photo'd above during the Northern Microlight Club's 2014 Poker Run, on 29/3/14.

It hasn't changed much over the years as shown in this 31/3/17 photo of Wlli Morton arriving at the 2017 RAANZ flyin at Rangiora.

Next to be registered was Gary Conroy's ZK-PGC (c/n 079), also an A 22 model, which was registered to him at Hastings on 10/8/04. It is photo'd above at Hastings Bridge Pa on 28/3/09.

On 21/6/11 it was sold JST Aero Holdings Ltd of Huntly and on 28/7/11 it was re-registered as ZK-MYD2.  It has since migrated South to Rangiora still under the ownership of JST Aero Holdings, and it is photo'd above at the RAANZ flyin there on 1/4/17.

Our third A 22 Foxbat was ZK-JTA (c/n 123) which was registered to the Finer/Hardwick-Smith Syndicate of Hawera on 29/11/05.  It is photo'd above at Stratford on 13/7/08.

And after quite a gap, our next Foxbat was registered as ZK-WES (c/n 100) on 1/11/11 to Wes Ruijne of Manakau.  (Wes has more recently imported a couple of Aeroandina aircraft that we will cover in a future post).  ZK-WES was first registered as an A 22 model but has now been re-designated as an A 22LS model.  On 24/2/14 ownership transferred to International Investments Ltd of Manakau.

On 14/5/14 International Investments Ltd re-registered the aircraft as ZK-JOM2 and finally it was sold to Jeremy Philip of Rangiora on 9/4/17.  It is photo'd above at its new base on 22/4/17.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Two at Ardmore late afternoon todayA

Piper  PA-34-200T Seneca ZK-DCP msn 34-8070355 now sports the word Trump on it's fuselage, not sure if it is a reference to the present US President and King of Twitter or not.
Agusta A109E Power VH-NPX msn 11505 was catching the sun outside Heliflite this afternoon. This helicopter has been an Ardmore resident since at least August of last year.

King Air 350 ZK-PWL

New Zealand's population of Beechcraft King Air's has grown to 17 airframes with the recent arrival of 350 series ZK-PWL for a Tauranga based owner. Under its previous identity of VH-KJD, this King Air arrived in Hamilton on the evening of 02 July following its ferry flight from Archerfield via Lord Howe Island and Auckland. Its first flight under its ZK marks was on 11 July with a trip from Hamilton to Nelson and returning to Hamilton two days later. 

Taxiing for departure from Nelson 13 July 2017.

The 17 King Air's comprise of:

90 series :   FDN, MKG, SKL, ZZA
200 series : FDR, MDC, MFT, MYM, PLK, VMF, NZ7121, NZ7122, NZ7123, NZ7124
300LW series : SMC (pending deregistration after its departure from NZ for Argentina)
350 series : PWL, SSH

Monday, 17 July 2017

Quest Kodiak 100 N181KQ at AMZ 17-7-17

Quest Kodiak 100 N181KQ msn 100-0181 on approach to land at Ardmore after earlier arriving into Auckland from Tonga.This 2016 model aircraft is here on demo. This is the first visit by this aircraft type to New Zealand.

Sunday, 16 July 2017


A stunning blue sky Coromandel winter weekend brought a variety of visitors to Pauanui airfield including Malibu ZK-MBU which visits on a very regular basis,  the Waihi based BYG Flying Co's Cessna 172B ZK-BYG,  the Te Kuiti based Waitomo Aero Club's only aircraft,  Cessna 172M ZK-DRM,  and for something a bit different the 1956 model Piper PA22 ZK-EZI from North Shore.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Peter Dyer. R.I.P

Peter Frank Dyer
Passed away peacefully on July 7th 2017.
A private cremation has been held.

Family and friends are invited to a celebration of Peter's life at his Rangiora Airfield hangar on August the 5th at 12.00pm.

Peter was very well known and respected in the NZ aviation scene especially in the home built/amateur field.

Peter has built, owned and operated a number of aircraft including the following
The Druine D.31 Turbulent ZK-CAF.
The Percival Proctor ZK-AQZ.

The Volmer VJ-22 sportsman ZK-CTY.
Cessna 180 ZK-BZV.

The Lake Amphibian ZK-DKA.

The Mooney M20C ZK-DBN.

Isaac Fury ZK-CYO.
Quickie ZK-PFD.
Bearn Minicab ZK-CXB.
Lancair 320 ZK-PDQ.
Rans S-6 Coyote II T/D ZK-MLD.
Rans S-9 Chaos ZK-JRP.
Peter would talk for hours about his aircraft and loved being in the photographs - as in the two shots above.
I also believe he did some work on the Hatz Biplane and no doubt helped out on many other projects.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Where are They Now?

David Eyre has sent a photo of the Zivko Edge 540 VH-IIG (c/n 0019) taken at Camden on 22/2/16.

This aircraft was recently crated up at and shipped to South Africa for the World Aerobatic Championships at Malelane (which is East of Pretoria near the border with Mozambique).

Of course it was ZK-ZAI from September 1998 to October 2008, before being exported to Australia.  It is photo'd above at the 2005 Classic Fighters airshow at Omaka.

There is an earlier post on the aircraft at

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Classic Fighters 2017 - Tiger Moth ZK-BER

Carrying on the Australian theme - Omaka based Tiger Moth ZK-BER (c/n 844 but I suspect more accurately it is DHA844) was on static display and is photo'd here taxying down the display line.  It was registered to the Omaka Tiger Syndicate on 17/8/04 and ownership changed to the Omaka Real Flying Club on 16/6/08.  Some time later it was refurbished and flew again in early 2015, and you can see from the photo that it is in pristine condition.

It was built during WW 2 in Australia and was originally destined for the Royal Rhodesian Air Force but it was retained for the RAAF as A17-712.  It was registered on the Australian civil register as VH-BEX in May 1954.

And here it is as VH-BEX at Temora on 25/4/91.  You can see that it hasn't changed much over the years.  Thanks to David Eyre for the photo. 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

N145UH at NZHK 10-07-2017

Ben Patterson reports from Hokitika

We have had few aircraft through Hokitika in last 12 or so months...
mainly I think because of no AVGAS being available.

But now we have had RD Petroleum come to the rescue placing one 20 thousand ltr tank here.

Above we have the Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH MBB BK 117-C2 (aka EC145) N145UH c/n 9053 as spotted yesterday at Hokitika by Ben.
This one was initially flown in Germany on the MBB test registration of D-HMBB before heading to the States to become N191AE.
It was re-registered as N145UH and I believe has been test flown by the US military.
It is in NZ for the filming of the Mission Impossible 6 move - just completed in the Central Otago region.
See previous mention of this airframe on the MRC site

Monday, 10 July 2017

Penguins Can't Fly - Some More Details

Friend of this blog David Eyre has sent some more details of the non-flying Penguin aircraft from Question Time #197.  David writes from Sydney:

The Parnall Penguin, also known as the Marshall Penguin, was designed and built by well known Australian aviation identity, the late Sidney Marshall, in the late 1950s.  Marshall, who was well known at Bankstown, NSW for his charter/joy riding operations around New South Wales with his company Marshall Airways, operated, amongst other aircraft, a Douglas DC-2, DH-84 Dragon, Short Scion, Lockheed 10, an Avro Cadet, and a number of Avro Ansons.  In his hangar and on a property near the airport he had two ex-RAAF Supermarine Spitfires, a Nakajima ‘Oscar’, Messerschmitt Bf-109 which had once been in the collection of the AWM, and was later again obtained by them, three other DC-2s etc, and it is because of his efforts these aircraft have survived.

The Penguin was built as a project, it is said, to teach people to learn to taxi an aircraft.  At one stage it was painted with a cream fuselage with a silver wing and red trim with Marshall Airways appearing on top of the port wing; Joy Flights on the top of the starboard wing, and Joy Flights in red on the tail.  The aircraft received little use and remained in his museum/hangar at Bankstown for many years, sometimes being placed outside the hangar for advertising purposes.  After the death of Mr Marshall, the machine was transferred to the Airworld Museum at Wangaratta, Vic where it remained on display until the museum closed.  It was later sold and exported to New Zealand.

Thanks for the information David.  And thanks too for the above photo of the "aircraft" which was taken at Bankstown on 8/3/63.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Question Time 197 Nailed!

Brett has provided a very thorough and correct answer to Question Time 197, as follows:

It is a Morris Penguin powered by a Henderson motorcycle engine. These are ground trainers used to allow would-be pilots to experience the thrills of taxiing into ditches and runway lights without needing to experience the joy of flight. It is owned by Graham Orphan.

I understand that it was built by ATC cadets and used by the ATC for the aforesaid ground training and that it was then part of the Sid Marshall Collection at Bankstown.

As you can see in the above photo, it is quite complete with working controls and some aircraft instruments (click on the photo once or twice to enlarge).

I cannot understand why you would put so much effort into an aircraft that was only taxyable.

Classic Fighters 2017 - Question Time 197

Seen at Classic Fighters 2017, but not in the flying display:

The question is:  what is it?

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Lear 60XR

A chance sighting today of the Lear 60XR, ZK-JAK (MSN 60-382) of JAK Air Rotorua. I missed the landing but loitered long enough to catch it departing an hour later.