Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Nostalgic Fletcher FU 24-950 ZK-EGK at Wanganui 22-4-2018

I was delighted to see a Fletcher in the old Wanganui Aerowork scheme when I was at Wanganui.  Although now owned by Ravensdown Aerowork Ltd (from 4/9/12) I think it is great that they have kept in its original colour scheme.  I understand that it is dual control and is used for pilot training.

ZK-EGK (c/n 233) is the Fletcher in question.  The old scheme is a much more detailed scheme than the new Ravensdown scheme which is no doubt simpler to apply and keep looking tidy.  However it sure brings back a lot of memories.

Wanganui on 22-4-2018

I headed back North from Wellington on Sunday 22 April on a lovely day.  First stop was Wanganui which was much more accessible than last time I called in, and quite a few aircraft were out in the sun.

The NZICPA (New Zealand International Commercial Pilot's Academy) Partenavia P 68B ZK-MYF (ex ZK-ERA) taxied down to the refuelling pumps before some flying training.

 Wanganui Aero Club's Piper PA 38-112 Tomahawk ZK-FRS.

and their Cessna  172S ZK-RQA.

Cessna A152 ZK-JDB is registered to the North Taranaki Aero Club at Inglewood (Norfolk Road) but I understand it is on loan to the Wanganui Aero Club.

 A visitor was Piper PA 28-181 Archer II ZK-ENV which is registered to a Timaru owner.

Also recently purchased by the Wanganui Aero Club is Piper PA 18-95 ZK-BTU.  It has been with them since 28/9/17.

In the crammed aero club hangar was Maule MXT 7-180 ZK-JQY which is registered to Wanganui Sea and Air Charters Ltd (John Luff).  In the foreground is Kitfox ZK-KIT and in the back of the hangar were a couple of Pitts - S 1D ZK-PEG and S 2A ZK-JAG2 and the Glasair TD ZK-JDL .

Air Chathams DC 3 ZK-AWP has been parked at Wanganui for some time, with a pretty nice background for a photo.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Another Dreamliner Laid Up

Another visit to Auckland International last week as I traveled to Wellington, and another Air New Zealand Dreamliner laid up at their engineering base sans its Rolls Royce Trents.

A somewhat cluttered shot of ZK-NZE2 taken from the 380 airporter bus on 18 April.

Some helicopters at Ardmore during this past week.

Helisika Agriculture Ltd duo taken on the 17th. At the top is Eurocopter AS350 B3 ZK-IJO msn 7451 seen in the Oceania compound and wearing Helisika titles but at the time still registered to Rotor Force NZ Ltd of Hastings. Ownership was changed to Helisika on 23-4-18. It also now has a spray pod fitted (see photo by Richard on 23-4-18).

Below is a distant shot in the rain of Eurocopter AS350 B2 ZK-HOP msn 4857 wearing a new livery. It had been all white for some time.

Bell 505 ZK-IJX msn 65050 of Tukituki Bay Farm Ltd, Massey Auckland photographed on the 19th. Our second 505 it was registered on 13-3-18

Eurocopter EC130 T2 ZK-IEC msn 7841 of Endurance Fishing Ltd, Nelson seen at Airbus Helicopters on the 20th.

Smart looking 1992 model Bell 206L-3 Longranger  N521RG msn 51566 registered to Microseal Inc of Greenpoint New York state,USA photographed on the 23rd.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Super-Pac 750XL ZK-JZL at Hamilton Today 23-4-2018

I photo'd this aircraft outside the Pacific Aerospace hangar at Hamilton today, (after scrambling across the drainage channel).  I thought there had to be a story behind it and there is, as advised by Delticman.

In fact it is the new Super-Pac 750XL which is fitted with the latest more powerful PT 6A-140A engine which is 15% more powerful that the PT 6A-34 that has powered most 750XLs to date.

ZK-JZL (c/n 156) was first registered on 6/5/09 and was sent as a demonstrator to the USA (see ).  It was cancelled on 18/4/11 but was eventually returned to New Zealand, being re-registered again on 18/2/16.  It has carried out high speed taxi trials but I do not think it has flown yet.

And also in the hangar behind was Pacific Aerospace's next aircraft type, the E 350 Expedition whcih is coming along slowly.